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About the Network

The Innovation Network is an interactive platform for technology developers to promote the benefits of their technologies and latest developments direct to our end-user members and the wider industry.

About the Innovation Network

The launch of ITF’s Innovation Network is an integral part of our strategy as it enhances ITF’s service offering by facilitating the collaborative engagement between active technology developers, ITF Members and the wider industry.

Oil companies have technology-related challenges, however, in order to implement new technology, a clear and compelling business case is required which must also manage the commercial, safety and environmental risks. On the other hand, technology developers, particularly SME companies, may have the know-how and entrepreneurial spirit to address these challenges, but must first overcome barriers related to securing first adoption and field trial opportunities.

The Innovation Network will provide an interactive platform that will enable technology developers to showcase their technology development projects and will directly inform ITF Members and the wider industry of their latest oil and gas technology innovations.

The Innovation Network is not intended to replace the websites or marketing tools of individual companies; rather, its remit is to sharpen the dialogue on the technology needs and to provide key insight on active technology development projects. Through the Innovation Network, ITF will promote and share the outcomes from first adopts and field trials of new technology. The primary objective is to accelerate the uptake of new technologies in our industry.

“The Innovation Network provides an effective mechanism for technology developers to promote their technology development efforts to ITF members and the wider industry”.

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