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About the Network

ITF is an independent industry facilitator, responding to the technology needs of our members.  We bring innovation to our global membership of oil and gas operating and service companies; facilitating new technology projects to help the industry operate more efficiently in a safe environment with lower environmental impacts and ultimately, reduce costs.

The ITF Innovation Network is an interactive platform for developers to showcase their technologies and developments, and facilitate collaborative engagement with ITF members and the wider oil and gas industry.

Technology developers are invited to join our Innovation Network to further promote their technology enhancements - creating individual profiles, sharing outcomes and discussing developments with the wider technology environment.   Membership options vary and the ITF team are on hand to assist.

The Innovation Network is not intended to replace the websites or marketing tools of individual companies – we aim to sharpen the dialogue between developers and industry and to provide key insight on active technology development projects.

The network also features a Scottish University technology hub, demonstrating how the university network in Scotland can support companies seeking to develop technologies.  It also enables the universities to showcase the benefits of their own technology developments.  

To sign up to our Innovation Network please click here or contact the ITF office for more information. 


Register on the ITF Innovation Network and become a valued associate developer of ITF.