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BP Call for Interest

BP actively seeks to work with innovative companies on new technologies through a variety of mechanisms including equity investments and joint development partnerships, and offering opportunities to pilot new technologies within their assets.

One area BP is looking for innovation in is novel reservoir management techniquesto cut time cycles and improve predictions, for example :

  • Ideas to allow enhanced reservoir monitoring (e.g. new sensors or new ways to work with existing data)
  • Ways to significantly reduce the cycle time to integrate and analyse data, and take actions on drilling, well work, and production settings (e.g. days to minutes, or months to days)

Reservoir management requires the integration of a wide range of data and disciplines, across multiple timecycles. Geophysical, geological, well and production data all need to be brought together to influence new well delivery, well workovers, and production management (e.g. waterflood). Timecycles might range from near term (e.g. adjusting production well or injector settings) to longer term (updating reservoir models annually based on new 4D seismic or other data).

BP is especially interested in new technologies or approaches that are in the early stages of development, either by new companies looking for equity participation or by larger companies seeking joint development opportunities. They are not looking for already commercialised products that are already being offered to BP through normal marketing routes, nor are they looking for incremental development of current commercially available products. They are however interested in the modification of innovative products/services not currently aimed at oil and gas uses, and which require ‘cross-over’ development from other sectors to be applicable to oil and gas.  

If your company is interested in being considered for this opportunity, please complete the short abstract on the ITF website.  Your information will be assessed by ITF and we will provide you with an initial response. The deadline date for notifying us of your interest is Friday 18th August 2017. 



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