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Innovation Days Roadshow

We are delighted to announce a series of 3 Materials and Manufacturing Innovation Roadshows brought to you collaboratively by ITF, OGTC and The High Value Manufacturing Catapult and hosted at the following 3 locations:

1. Glasgow - 10th October, 2017

Advanced Forming Research Centre

85 Inchinnan Drive, Inchinnan, PA4 9LJ

2. Rotherham - 12th October, 2017

Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre

University of Sheffield, Advanced Manufacturing Park, Brunel Way, Catcliffe, Rotherham S60 5WG

3. Bristol - 17th October, 2017

National Composites Centre

Feynman Way Central, Bristol & Bath Science Park, Emersons Green, Bristol, BS16 7FS

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To view the flyer for this event, please click here.

Speakers at the Roadshow events confirmed so far: BP, Siemens, Lloyds, The Oil & Gas Authority (OGA), The Oil and Gas Technology Centre (OGTC), The Industry Technology Facilitator (ITF),  and The Oil and Gas Innovation Centre (OGIC), 

About the Roadshows

These are a series of events that are designed to bring a multitude of materials and manufacturing solutions to high level challenges faced by the Oil and Gas Sector, focussing on 4 specific areas currently being addressed by the UKCS Technology Leadership Board:

Asset Integrity: managing the effects of ageing assets and equipment, many of which are operating well beyond original design life. We are looking for ideas such as:

  • The use of Robotics for Non-Intrusive Inspection in hazardous environments
  • Coating and Insulation Systems for the elimination of Corrosion Under Insulation
  • Conditioning Monitoring of Subsea Infrastructure.

More context to this overall challenge can be found here:  

Small Pools: technologies to enable the commercial development of stranded assets, estimated at around 225 discovered fields of between 3 and 50 million barrels of oil equivalent distributed across the UKCS. Looking for ideas such as: 

  • A different type of tie-back that can extend beyond current limits
  • Mechanical connectors for hot taps
  • Plug & Play infrastructures that can be redeployed to a new field after 3-5 years

More context to this overall challenge can be found here

Well Construction: aiming to transform the way wells are drilled and completed, and decommissioned, targeting a 50% cost reduction. Some example ideas:

  • Large component forging – wellheads, trees, etc
  • Composites for downhole applications
  • Automation of the drill floor on the rig – robotics

More context to this overall challenge can be found here

Decommissioning: the annual expenditure on decommissioning is expected to be around £2 billion on the UKCS by 2018. Over the next decade, some 100 platforms are forecast for complete or partial removal, and on the UKCS, £17.6 billion is forecast to be spent on decommissioning between 2016 and 2025.

More context to this overall challenge can be found here


Ideas Generation:

We will bring together the best technology innovators and provide you with an interactive platform to share ideas, create peer groups and ultimately accelerate the uptake of new technologies.

The following are examples of challenges and potential solutions which will be articulated by leading Oil and Gas representatives and will be explored in more detail through the facilitated mastermind sessions:


  • corrosion under insulation is a major challenge to industry
  • are there smart engineering solutions and better design alternatives?

Additive Manufacturing

  • what is possible? Can we learn from e.g. the automotive industry where large warehouses of stock could be avoided and replacement parts printed on location?
  • how much are manufacturing problems limited by current techniques?


  • specific problem with coating on cut and seal valve 
  • could a boronisation process be developed?
  • Mobile coating units (e.g. for onsite application at remote locations)

Materials Properties

  • Better understanding of the fatigue properties of material at its infancy
  • Development of optimum microstructures, threshold stress limits and hardness limits for resistance of low alloy steels and precipitation hardened nickel alloys exposed to:
    • seawater with cathodic charging from cathodic protection systems operating within specified ranges and also operating with excessive voltage levels
    • well completion fluids, production wellbore environments, and well stimulation chemicals

Development of Advanced Modelling Software

  • utilise to better understand through thickness properties in very large and expensive heavy section forgings



08:00                          Registration and Coffee


Scene Setting for the Day:

08:30                          Framework of the Day and Introductions

08:45                          How Innovation Makes an Impact within a Large Organisation

                                  - Case study presentation

 09:00                         Fireside Discussion

                                  - Funding organisations (ITF, OGTC, OGIC and Innovate UK) discuss how to get funding for your ideas and technologies


Presentation of the Facilities and Expertise:

09:45                         Tour of the Facility and Technology Demonstrations / Coffee


Setting the Afternoon Session:

Operator and Service Company Challenge Articulation:

11:00                          Overview of Oil and Gas Industry Challenges

                                 - Contextual presentations of challenges - senior Oil and Gas Industry representatives

12:20                          Introduction to 'Mastermind Sessions'


12:30                          Lunch 


Innovation at Work:

13:15                          Mastermind Sessions

15:00                          Plenary Feedback from Mastermind Sessions and Next Steps

15:30                          Networking

16:00                          Close


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