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At OGIC we recognise the wealth of research and development capability that exists within Scottish Universities.   Scottish Universities play a fundamental role in supporting technology developers in the oil and gas industry and, also, being technology developers themselves. 

This area of the Innovation Network is a shop window for the expertise and capabilities of Scottish Universities’, demonstrating how they can support companies seeking to develop their technologies.  It also enables Scottish Universities to showcase the benefits of their technologies and latest developments directly to ITF’s end-user members and the wider industry.

OGIC’s growth and success is only possible with the active participation of the fourteen universities across Scotland.  OGIC works with all Scottish Universities, matching innovators with the Universities’ R&D capabilities, funding 50% - 70% of the academic element of the project.  This can cover academic research; the use of test and lab facilities and a range of university staff inputs.   

We work with a range of businesses from micro new starts to major supply chain companies; from the UK, Norway and the United States; supporting technology development across the full spectrum of industry challenges. Current projects, being delivered by Scottish Universities, include the disciplines of mechanical engineering, materials science, chemistry, as well as artificial intelligence, software and even a psychology project.

We see a continuing commitment to innovation in products and services.   Since launch in November 2014, OGIC has co-funded 27 projects, valued at almost £1.5 million, with a financial commitment from OGIC of over £820,000.   We have a further 46 projects in progress, with many expected to come on stream in Q1 and Q2 2017.

The businesses we work with recognise the benefits of working with Scottish Universities. 

“This was Blueshift’s first experience working with a Scottish University. The team demonstrated an exemplary level of technical expertise.  The well-managed and executed project integrated a multi-disciplinary approach to solve our challenging material science issues. We were pleased with the results stemming from the high quality technical work.”

Dr Garret Poe, Executive VP, Blueshift



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