Facilitate, Collaborate, Innovate

Facilitation Services

ITF facilitates the development and implementation of new technologies, primarily through the launch of collaborative Joint Industry Projects (JIPs). Figure 1 is an illustration of the facilitation services that are typically provided by ITF as part of the standard “JIP Launch Process”.


 itf process2

Alongside this role, ITF can also perform an “Execution Only” service whereby ITF is solicited just to perform the contractual part of the JIP. ITF’s primary contract is the Standard Research Agreement (SRA) which contains terms that have been pre-agreed by ITF Members. As such, it offers an advanced starting point for the contract negotiation and execution process. Contractual mechanisms are also built into the SRA to allow for late participants and variation orders.

If an opportunity is identified through the Innovation Network, please contact ITF to discuss if we can assist either through the standard JIP Launch Process or an Execution Only model.



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